Training & Capacity Building

To meet the growing expectations of professional teaching standards by our stakeholders, Botho conducts several trainings for its teaching and learning staff so that they may stay competitive. One such programme that enhances the teaching capabilities of the teaching staff is the Post Graduate Diploma in Higher Education (PGDHE) course, which gives staff members a strong foundation in the following areas: Learning, Teaching and Assessment, Quality Environments, Research, Curriculum Design and Development, Educational Technology and eLearning and Teaching Practice.

This is a home-grown programme which has been developed after careful consultation with experts in the areas of Teaching, Learning and Assessment. Staff members who have completed this programme have reported that their Teaching and Learning practices have greatly improved after taking a new direction while instructing their students.

External and highly- experienced international trainers are also invited to Botho to train the staff on various key subject areas including Lean Management, Six Sigma, IFRS, Cisco, New Venture Creation and more. In addition, Botho has been encouraging and supporting its staff to engage in research and to participate in conferences which increase their knowledge and exposure to different teaching, learning and assessment methods. The steady increase in research activities of the teaching staff in Botho has improved research-led teaching at our University.