Teaching Approaches

Botho University’s teaching approach is based on a coherent philosophy of education. The university’s Learning, Teaching and Assessment (LTA) strategy is constructively aligned to its overall strategy, mission, vision, values as reflected in the Botho Graduate Profile (BGP).  The strategy aims to deliver quality education that will produce innovative, well rounded, entrepreneurial, globally employable, and competent graduates with the relevant professional and personal traits.

The centrality of the student learning experience, which is our main focus, is grounded on the theoretical construct upon which our Botho Learning and Teaching (BoLT) model is based. The Botho Learning and Teaching (BoLT) model is an overall representation of our Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategy. The model emphasizes the following:

  • The student’s learning experience and transformation drives our approach. That is why at Botho University, we have transformed our pedagogy to student-centred learning.
  • The object of our quality assurance is quality improvement (Plan, Do, Check, Act).
  • We guarantee the quality of our programmes, learning and teaching methods, assessments and of the overall quality of our teaching environment.

Botho University is currently in the process of implementing a student-centred learning approach in all its campuses. This is intended to help students take ownership of their learning experience and to help them develop 21st century skills which will better equip them for the modern and future job market. This is a major undertaking that will result in major contributions to numerous areas of interest in academic circles including graduate employability, factors enhancing student employment, role of soft skills in student learning and role of soft skills in student employment.
Botho University Learning Teaching (BoLT) Model
The following strategic LTA aims are drawn from our overall BU strategy, mission, vision, values and

BGP and are also reflected in our BoLT Model:

  • Develop high quality accredited programmes that are relevant to the local, regional and international markets.
  • Enhance student engagement and effective learning and teaching through staff training, research-led teaching and use of modern instructional technology.
  • Provide an inclusive learning environment, support and adequate resources to all BU students.
  • Build a strong team of experienced, qualified and well-motivated staff.
  • Promote assessment practices that effectively measure the achievement of intended learning outcomes.
  • Enhance employability and entrepreneurial skills among students.

The above identified aims are core to the achievement of excellence in learning and teaching in all Botho University campuses including the Blended and Distance Learning Campus.