Student Exchange

Newly Admitted Exchange Students to Botho University

Dumelang and Hello! We welcome exchange students from our partner universities to Botho University, Botswana campus.

Letter of Acceptance: Exchange students from our partner universities who wish to study at Botho University have to complete all the formalities for application and acceptance as shared by the International Office or equivalent at their University. The exchange students are also expected to meet all the requirements of Botho University for the programme of study and complete all documentation in this regard within the timelines given. Once all of this is completed, successful students receive an offer letter on their email confirming their acceptance as exchange students to Botho University. Currently, we are able to welcome exchange students from our partners to our Botswana campus only. 

Accomodation: Successfully admitted exchange students are then put in touch with the Student and Alumni Affairs Department at Botho University for accommodation arrangements. Limited accommodation is available at the Botho University campus but other arrangements are also available for students off campus at secure and comfortable locations. A detailed list of costs and what is included in the accommodation are shared with the exchange students by the Student and Alumni Affairs Department over email. Confirmation, booking and lease formalities can be completed over email as well. Students will be expected to pay a very reasonable monthly rental for accommodation during their stay at Botho University, Botswana. 

Student Visa and Residence Permit: Students must check with their respective embassy on the requirements of student visa and resident permit for study in Botswana. The Student and Alumni Affairs Department is also able to provide limited assistance in this regard however the student is responsible for securing the student visa and permit on time.

Insurance: All exchange students are required to have adequate medical insurance for emergencies and sickness. This may also be a requirement for students to apply for their student visa and residence permit. Exchange students are required to make their own arrangements for their medical insurance as this is mandatory.

COVID Protocols: All incoming exchange students are advised to take all precautions in light of COVID19. As per the last update from the Government of Botswana, wearing of masks outdoors is no longer necessary. Vaccinated or partially vaccinated students are advised to travel with all their relevant vaccination documents to present at the ports of entry. Incoming students without the relevant vaccination documents mayl be tested at ports of entry at their own cost and if tested positive be isolated within the district of the port of entry for 5 days. However, incoming students are strongly requested to check with the Student and Alumni Affairs Department at least a week before their departure to confirm the latest COVID19 protocols for entry into Botswana.

Arriving at Botho University: Once an exchange student has been accepted for study at Botho University, they are regularly in touch with a senior person from the Student and Alumni Affairs Department over email and other platforms such as WhatsApp. The department ensures that all queries of such students are answered and they also make arrangements to receive the student on arrival, take them to their accommodation and provide them with assistance to settle in. Exchange students will be required to share their flight details and arrival timings with the Student and Alumni Affairs Department before departure so that the department can make suitable arrangements to welcome them.Exchange students are also assisted with a local SIM card for making phone calls and advised on reasonably priced packages for mobile data. All Exchange students are welcome to visit the Student and Alumni Affairs Department at any time for assistance and guidance. 

The local currency for Botswana is the Botswana Pula (BWP). Exchange students may check online for the current exchange rates between the Botswana Pula and their currency. The local mode of transport is a minivan referred to as a “combi” and the charges are extremely nominal. However students may require some time to understand the local combi routes and thus the Student and Alumni Affairs Department is also able to recommend a safe and reliable taxi service at least for the initial few days.

Registration Formalities: Upon arrival at Botho University, Botswana campus and after having provided adequate time to settle in, the Student and Alumni Affairs Department will organize a campus tour to visit the key departments and completing all formalities including registration, class schedules, securing a Botho University email address, access to our Learning Management system, Student ID Card  etc.  WiFi is available on campus for all students however students are cautioned that the internet download speed may be vastly different from the speed in their home country.Thus they may want to supplement their access to the internet by purchasing addtional mobile data bundles. 

The exchange student(s) will also be taken to their respective embassy in Botswana (if available) to be registered with them as a matter of procedure.

Get Started: Exchange students should be well on their way to settling in by this time. The Student and Alumni Affairs Department will constantly check in with the exchange students to ensure any concerns or queries are addressed. Apart from activities on campus, the department is also able to provide a list of local sightseeing and culturally immersive activities for exchange students and offer advice and assistance on bookings. Exchange students are also able to visit one of two adopted local communities by Botho University namely Gakgatla and Kubung and participate in any activities involving these communities. Exchange students also have the opportunity to constantly interact with the close knit and warm community of senior members of staff from Botho University including the Pro Vice Chancellor for Academics and Quality, the Pro Vice Chancellor for Finance and Employability, the Deputy Pro Vice Chancellor for Employability and Technology, the Dean for the Student and Alumni Affairs Department and the Dean of their Faculty just to name a few. 

Safety of all students is an utmost priority for Botho University. The Student and Alumni Affairs Department is the first point of contact for any exchange student upon their arrival and the department ensures that students are advised accordingly on all safety protocols and assured of their complete support at all times. Students can feel rest assured that Botswana and Botho University is a warm and welcoming place for them.

The latest Academic Calendar for students is available on our website HERE.

All students at Botho University including exchange students are bound by the Rules and Regulations available HERE.

All students at Botho University are enrolled automatically to the Blackboard Learning Management System. Students will be expected to access this daily for important updates and announcements regarding their teaching and learning. Blackboard also provides a wealth of information on all other activities available at Botho University and critical departments also use Blackboard to share important information with all students. 

We wish all exchange students to Botho University a pleasant and fulfilling experience.