Teaching Excellence & Awards

Teaching excellence is an integral part of Botho University’s mandate as established in its policy that describes the core business as a centre of excellence in higher learning. This is done through providing quality educational experience and producing well rounded employable graduates. Botho teaching staff play a vital role in ensuring that the University becomes the best teaching university nationally, regionally and internationally.

Although measuring excellent teaching and learning is complex, the Library, Teaching and Research Excellence Department uses a Teaching Performance Index (TPI) to aid in identifying and recognizing excellence in teaching at the individual staff level and also helps the staff evaluate their own performance as it provides an objective platform from which certain aspects of their teaching can be appreciated.

The TPI indicators (which are, at best, proxies for teaching quality) aim to foster a culture of excellence that rewards exemplary effort made towards improving the quality of teaching and learning. The TPI design was benchmarked against similar metrics in reputable universities internationally but has been localized to fit our purpose.

TPI criteria are Student Feedback, Classroom Observation Ratings, Class Pass Rate, Class Attendance, Use of Instructional Technology and Other Virtual Learning Environments (IT & VLE), Teaching Qualification and Relevant Training.