From 2010 to 2013, Dr Iloanya worked as a Research Fellow with Plantec Africa(PTY), Botswana. In September 2013, she was employed by Botho University as a Senior Lecturer till present. Dr Iloanya is a recipient of the Prestigious UNICEF Botswana Research Award. She is currently a member of the Tuning Africa Project (Teacher Education) , a joint project funded by the European and African Unions for the Tuning and Harmonisation of African Higher Education Curricula .

She has authored well accepted journal articles and book chapters, and presented at International Conferences both within and outside Africa. In October 2016, she was one of the very few Academics who were selected to present academic papers at the Tuning Africa Research Conference on Competence Based Teaching and Learning. Dr Iloanya is currently an Associate. Prof at Botho University and has supervised both undergraduate and more than twenty post-graduate students’ projects and dissertations. She serves as an External Examiner for master’s and doctoral candidates at some universities in Botswana and South Africa.
In December 2018, she won the Researcher of the Year Award at Botho University.Dr Iloanya is currently the coordinator of postgraduate research and the Head , Department of Education and Language Skills in the Faculty of Health and Education at Botho University.