The Botho Graduate Profile (BGP)

The Botho Graduate Profile (BGP) is the ultimate product we aim to produce. We recognize that the quality traits we want our graduates to possess cannot all be promoted from the classroom. Our students being young adults already have ingrained habits. Creating a change in mindset and transforming them to match this profile requires concerted efforts. The goal of the university is to create an institutional culture that encourages students to realize their full potential. Botho University offers student-centered teaching and learning where the onus is on students to take charge of their learning outcomes and the lecturer is a facilitator in the process. All curricular and extra-curricular activities, including mandatory and voluntary internships, are built around the Botho Graduate employability profile, thus making students focus on their personal responsibilities to attain the following required attributes :

Able to communicate information eloquently, effectively, and appropriately to a given audience.

Considerate of and able to work and communicate effectively with teams of people from different social and cultural backgrounds.

Having the curiosity and open-mindedness to acquire new knowledge by analyzing, reflecting on, and evaluating information.

Digitally literate
Able to identify trustworthy information and use technology creatively and appropriately to solve problems, make decisions, and improve quality of life.

Environmentally responsible
Committed to conserving resources and protecting the environment.

Innovative & Entrepreneurial
Able to identify opportunities and take measured risks to develop new and improved ideas, processes, and products that create value.

Knowledgeable & Hardworking
Understanding a field of study with the expertise, professionalism, motivation, and commitment to applying the knowledge gained to solve problems and deliver quality work.

Positive & Confident
Being friendly, optimistic, adaptable, resilient, and able to display healthy self-esteem, especially when interacting with others and making decisions.

Socially responsible

Makes decisions and takes actions ethically, with integrity, and in the best interest of society as a whole.