Mr Golekanye Setume

Golekanye Setume has 26 years of experience in the public service, holding critical portfolios at different levels from principal education officer to Deputy Permanent Secretary responsible for support services and post-secondary sponsorship in the Ministry of Education and Skills Development. He had also served as Executive Director (Permanent Secretary level) at Botswana Public Service College.

Following his retirement from the public service, he joined the private higher education sector, where he worked as a Dean and rose to the rank of Deputy Pro Vice Chancellor, responsible for the Office of External Relations, which overlooks Admissions, Stakeholder Relations, Marketing and Communications for Botho University.

Setume holds an MEd in Professional Development from Northern College, Scotland, an MBA from Botho University, a BEd in Education (Mathematics) & Diploma in Secondary Education from the University of Botswana. He is currently the Chairman of the Education Sector at Business Botswana, which entails advocacy for a conducive business environment for private education from pre-school to higher education and TVET.