International Financial Reporting Standards

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What is this about?

The course is designed to develop the learner’s knowledge and understanding of International Financial Reporting Standards. The learner will also learn how to apply them, as well as the concepts and principles which underpin them. The course greatly assists users and preparers of financial statements to gain a broad knowledge and understanding of IFRS/IAS, thus enabling them to apply the standards as required by each country’s company Act. The course clarifies and simplifies the areas of difficulty often faced in applying IFRS and empowers delegates with the skills required to comply with IFRS in their financial reporting and present financial statements that are world-class and up to date with all statutory requirements.

Why should you enroll?

If you are interested in learning international best practices in financial statements preparation then this is the best course for you. The course will equip learners with the solid knowledge to prepare financial statements in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards. On completion of this course students should have a sound knowledge of the principles and rules of the Standards as applicable to the calculation of the carrying amounts of assets and liabilities and the income and expenditure to be recognised.

What are the topics covered?

  • Frameworks for the preparation and presentation of Financial Statements
  • Presentation of financial statements
  • Events after the reporting period
  • Accounting policies, changes in accounting estimates and errors
  • Non Current Assets
  • Group Financial Statements
  • Statement of Cash Flows
  • Income Taxes
  • Provisions, Contingent Liabilities & Contingent Assets
  • Financial Instruments
  • The effects of changes in foreign exchange rates
  • Employee benefits
  • Share based payments
  • Revenue
  • Construction Contracts
  • Related Party Disclosures
  • Operating Segments
  • Interim Reporting
  • Earnings per share

Credits Awarded

4 credits

What is the duration?

This is a 24 hours course

Who should attend?

  • Financial Analysts
  • Accountants
  • Portifolio Managers
  • Securities Analysts
  • Credit/Investments Analysts
  • Pension Fund Managers
  • Auditors

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