Miss Botho University Francistown 2014 Crowned

On the 31st of October 2014, multitudes of excited students descended upon the Institute of Health Sciences (IHS) auditorium to witness beautiful young ladies battling it out for the coveted title of Miss Botho University Francistown campus.

The show did not start as early as anticipated, but by half past eight that evening the program was underway as the ladies took to the stage. The theme of the pageant was “A Responsible Tertiary Student” and the ladies were expected to carry themselves as and explain what it means to be a responsible student. At the end of the night, the judges crowned Banabotlhe Olefile as their Queen, with Charlotte Siya as the 1st Princess and Angel as the 2nd Princess. As part of their reign, the Queen and her Princesses are tasked with developing a project related to making a positive change in the lifestyles of tertiary students, which they will have to complete before they hand in their crowns next year.

In an interview later on, Banabotlhe Olefile expressed surprise at her achievement, saying she really did not expect to win and that when her name was called she could not believe it. She went on to say she has noticed that most students do not really care about school and are more interested in the living allowance they receive from the government.

With the sponsorship from Adansonia Hotel and Tandurei Restaurant for the top 3, the winners couldn’t have been happier. The night was graced with entertainment from local DJs Da Drat and K.U.D; there were also performers from Botho University including Insane Musik Gang, Fintos, Vj Munk and Dj Nix and the Award winning performer Casper The Golden Voice.