Botho University International Research Conference (BUIRC): Moving Towards a Knowledge Based Society

The Botho University International Research Conference (BUIRC) took place at Botho University’s Gaborone campus on the 15th and 16th November 2016. Botho University for the past 5 years has continually brought together experts, prolific authors, well renowned researchers and interested stakeholders during its annual Botho University International Research Conference to dialogue on various research issues cutting across specializations in Education, Engineering, Computing, Business, Finance and Accounting and lately in Hospitality and Tourism. This endeavor drew international attention to a budding private owned university and placed it on the same pedestal with some well established universities.

BUIRC, was attended by knowledge-driven organizations, including universities, which are greatly affected by the rapid advances in information and communications technology. The conference was organized around a competitive call for papers and lasted for two days, presenting a special forum for academics, researchers, industry practitioners, policy makers and students to discuss thought-provoking ideas.

During the conference, the launch of the first academic journal took place when the Botho University leadership developed the Botho University’ Journal of African Higher Education by the university’s own Vice Chancellor Dr. Sheela Raja Ram. The intention of this journal is to publish papers presented in every BUIRC conference every 6 months after hosting the conference. Botho University’s position in the academic will further be realized and relationships in research collaborations, visiting teaching professorships and student exchanges would be enhanced.