Botho university hobby expo proves to be a crowd-puller

The first Botho University Hobby Expo, a unique showcase of a range of creative activities, proved to be a great platform for the university to contribute meaningfully to the community through hobby sharing. Held at the Gaborone campus, the main objective of the 2017 Hobby Expo was to transform the Botho University community through learning new skills in celebration of the university’s 20th anniversary.

The Expo gave the participants a chance to interact with creative and talented industry professionals, learning skills ranging from Baking, Makeup Lessons, Horse Riding, Bird Watching, Traditional Dancing, Photography, Guitar Lessons, Marimba Lessons, Piano Lessons, Painting, Crochet, Shamballa Bracelet Making, Pottery Making, Zumba and Debating.

The day began on a good note with a Zumba warm up to get the adrenaline flowing before participants were dispatched to their respective activities. Enthusiastic staff, alumni and students attended the Expo in large numbers and explored different categories of leisure activities.

The Expo was the first of its kind hosted by Botho University. Participants chose an activity that they had never done before, which made the event more engaging. Through proper skills sharing and guidance, they managed to learn new hobbies and experience a zeal for life which will create a healthy and constructive atmosphere for the future.

The University provided materials to enable each participant to take home the tools to continue learning the different crafts. The Art class, for example, had basic tools such as brushes, paints and drawing boards to help the participants create masterpieces. The new Botho University Multimedia studio was the perfect venue to host Guitar and Piano lessons conducted by industry-experienced musicians. Outdoor activities such as horse riding attracted keen new enthusiasts.

Botho University created a space for everyone with a passion for learning, pursuing and engaging in artistic pastimes of any kind, be it dancing, aerobics, collectibles, photography or food blogging, to come together, explore and experience it all in one place.