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Corporate Training Department Celebrates with Blue Tree

On the 3rd of September 2016, the Corporate Training Department (CTD) used the opportunity afforded by Blue Tree World of Golf to set up a stall at the Blue Tree outdoor grass area. Blue Tree was celebrating its 5th anniversary and found it fit to include its advertising partner, Botho University, in the festivities.

On the day, CTD set up a stall, networked with people from organizations such as DHL, 3G Mobile and Marsh Botswana and also managed to talk to individuals who had come for the golf lessons. All in all the entire event was an opportunity for CTD to market its short programmes and services to clients.



Botho University Participates in the UNICEF’s 50 Minutes for Children Campaign

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative, Botho University is taking part in the UNICEF "50 Minutes for Children" campaign which was launched on 21 June 2016. The concept of 50 minutes is derived from the 50th Independence Anniversary of Botswana, which will be celebrated on the 30th of September, 2016. The campaign calls out to individuals and various stakeholders to spend 50 minutes making a positive impact on children's lives.

The "50 Minutes for Children" offers a platform for individuals and organizations to share a common vision for the children of Botswana. The campaign aims to inspire, mobilize and share experiences that raise awareness about issues that affect children throughout Botswana. The Botho University Fun Day was scheduled for the 10th of September 2016.

Botho University's 50 Minutes Family Fun Day was held on Saturday 10th September 2016. Activities for the day included quad bike rides, baking lessons, playing on a jumping castle, reading and storytelling, games (traditional and non equipment games), computer lessons, soccer lessons and video viewing. The event was successful and drew over 60 children from the Botho University community. The guest speaker, UNICEF representative for Botswana, Ms. Julianna Lindsey, gave a word of encouragement to both parents and children, urging parents to spend quality time with their children.



Botho University hosted the Bot50 Panel Discussion as part of the Independence celebrations

As preparations for Botswana’s upcoming golden jubilee independence celebrations kick started, the Botho University community hosted a panel discussion under the theme: Vision 2016 Achievements, Challenges and Way Forward.

The panel discussion had experts from different backgrounds and the presentation was done by Dr Pelotshweu Moepeng from the Vision 2016 council.

The panel discussion was a forum in which the Vision 2016 report was evaluated, looking at the goals which were crafted as seven pillars that straddle all areas of development. The seven pillars were spelled out in the vision 2016 booklet thus:

  • An educated and informed nation
  • A prosperous, Productive and Innovative nation
  • A Compassionate, Just and Caring Nation
  • A Safe and Secure Nation
  • An Open, Democratic and Accountable Nation
  • A Moral and Tolerant Nation
  • A United and Proud Nation

20 years into the Vision it is imperative for the nation to pause and reflect on achievements made, challenges encountered and future prospects. The need to reflect cannot be overemphasized as the country celebrates 50 years of independence this year.

To help the panelistsand participants unpack this, the following speakers were in attendance:

  • Prof. Zibani Maundeni (Senior Lecture Political Science UB)
  • Rev. Daniel Moshabi (Faith-Based Organization)
  • Mr Oabona Kgengwenyane (MD Innolead Consulting)

The Botho University community was however grateful for how the event unfolded and the impact made on students, who also made constructive contributions towards the debate. As a community, Botho University was to do the debate justice.



50 minutes for children

In line with the United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund’s (UNICEF) 50 Minutes for Children campaign, the Botho University Office of External relations embarked on a journey to spend 50 minutes with children in Mantshwabisi CJSS. The OER team, in partnership with the Department of Community Development under the Ministry of Labour & Home Affairs, engaged in the "50 Minutes for Children Campaign" in Mantshwabisi on Friday 23rd September. This followed a donation of bags and stationery to the school. The OER team’s donations aimed to inspire children to enjoy their school environment by providingbags to store their books and pencil case holders and to stimulate their learning experience.

The concept of 50 minutes is derived from the 50th Independence Anniversary of Botswana, celebrated this year.The campaign calls out to individuals and various stakeholders to spend a minute for every year since 1966 making a positive impact on children’s lives. The campaign is also a platform for the everyone in the country to share a common vision for children of Botswana, for the next 50 years. Anyone can be a part of the campaign by identifying an activity and children’s cause to dedicate their time to.



Linkz ICT challenge 2016

The Linkz ICT Challenge 2016 took place on the 16 September 2016 at Botho University, Gaborone Campus. The event pulled in students from secondary schools and tertiary institutions around Gaborone, Maun and Francistown. In about 17 events across the 2 education level groups, participants battled it out and showed their computing skills and understanding of technology. The participating secondary schools were: Legae Academy, Mogoditshane Senior Secondary School, St. Joseph's College, Al-Nur School, Kagiso Senior Secondary School, Gaborone Senior Secondary School and Livingstone Kolobeng College. The tertiary institutions participating were: Botho University (Gaborone, Maun and Francistown), University of Botswana, Boitekanelo College, Oodi College of Arts and Limkokwing University. The overall winners for tertiary were University of Botswana, with Limkokwing University in 2nd position and Botho University (Gaborone) in 3rd position. The overall winners for secondary were Legae Academy, seconded by Al-Nur School.



Francistown Campus hosts cultural diversity day

The 2016 Cultural Day was eagerly awaited with great joy and high expectations. After much effort and preparation, our students reveled in the opportunity to celebrate their cultural identities.

On the 7th of October 2016Botho University held its annual Cultural Day, a fitting celebration at the end of the Botswana 50th Anniversary Independence Celebration. The event involved students and staff coming together to share food and performances from many of the ethnic groups which make up the Botho University community. The event was hosted by the Department of Student Affairs &Alumni in collaboration with the Student Representative Council (SRC) under the theme ‘NgwaoYameBoipeloJwame’, loosely translated “My Culture, My Pride”. The main objective of the event was to appreciate and celebrate the diverse cultures in Botho University. Activities atthe event included food tasting, displays of cultural attire, music, dance and art.

The activities started in the morning with participants displaying their dishes and giving out the recipes. There was a variety of indigenous cuisine prepared by staff members and students from different nationalities such as Indian, Setswana, Zimbabwean and Italian. The event attendees also had the opportunity to taste the food. It was a memorable event that attracted a large number of both staff members and students.

In the end prizes were awarded for best dressed persons for both staff and students. The event was graced by the General Manager of Ebat Group of Companies, who was the lead organizer of the annual Northern Letlhafula festival.



Bica table tennis tournament

Botho University recently sponsored the BICA (Botswana Institute of Chartered Accountants)Table Tennis Tournament. The tournament, which was held on the 22nd of October in the Botho University Multipurpose Hall, had the following teams participating: Auditor General, Grant Thornton, Botswana Accountancy College (BAC), BICA and Botho University. Botho university was represented by the table tennis team led by Mr Shiv Pal.

The tournament was played as a round robin. There were two separate competitions; one for the men and one for the ladies. There were five men's teams and two women's teams. Each team played three games against other teams; two singles matches and one doubles match. Based on the results, Botho University was declared the winner in the men's category and the Auditor General came first in the ladies’ category.



BU participates at Barclays ABC golf day

On the 25th of November, the American Business Council held their inaugural Golf Day at the Gaborone Golf Club. The Corporate Training Department (CTD) attended this event to network with various organizations present, such as Alpha Direct, C-Track, Apex Properties, Grant Thornton and Avani Hotel.

Interaction with senior personnel from these companies gave CTD a platform to market them and share how best they can cater to the training needs and interests of these esteemed organizations.

The event was a great success and H.E. US Ambassador Earl R. Miller graced the occasion and gave a speech during the luncheon after the golf, which was held at the Avani Hotel. The main purpose of this annual event is to facilitate networking between ABC members and their clients and to raise funds for charity (should a surplus be generated).

Botho University is part of the ABC members. The Botho university corporate training department took advantage of the opportunity to showcase their programmes to the corporate who attended the event.



Entrepreneurship BootCamp

The just ended Udugu Entrepreneurship Week held from 31st October to 4th November in Gaborone, sought to assist the growing number of start-up businesses in Botswana by addressing challenges common to entrepreneurs. The Entrepreneurship week, which is the brainchild of the Udugu Institute Botswana in partnership with various institutions, aimed to boost Tech-oriented start-up businesses to find means of avoiding business failure by addressing common pitfalls that young entrepreneurs face: such as a lack of business processes or failure to differentiate business finances from personal finances.

Social Entrepreneurship in Africa is a growing trend within the Generation X and millennials to build wealth while solving problems. However, according to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, young entrepreneurs have few opportunities to learn from successful entrepreneurs. Knowledge is not only power but a key resource in building wealth and capacitating your business.The Entrepreneurship week consisted of four main events. An intensive three-day Bootcamp where industry leaders from partner institutions shared skills and knowledge on various aspects of entrepreneurship. “Entrepreneurs rise up to meet the challenges of their time.


t the intersection between the youth’s desires for the future and the older generation’s dissatisfaction with the past, we can find the next innovative space.” said Dr. Mungai Lenneiye, Founder of the Udugu Institute. Several Financial Literacy sessions were held with a focus on building the investment culture in Botswana and exploring the benefits of various forms of investments such as investing in stocks, insurance or savings products. The key message for participants was that practical experience and knowledge about investments were paramount, and that significant funds were not required in order to start investing.

The climax of the week was the global seed-stage startup competition for emerging markets and fast-growing startup tech companies. Eight selected start-ups as well as three wildcards pitched their business ideas for an opportunity to progress in the competition and pitch their business at a global stage in Geneva, Switzerland, where the winner walks away with up to USD 1 million, and 500 000 USD equity investment prize. The winner of Seedstars Gaborone was Bua Space who went to Rwanda along with other African winners prior to the global event. The second and third place went to Pass Rate Doctors from Botho University eLab and Citi App. Quickbooks and Franklin & Covey were proud sponsors of the additional prizes to the first and second place winners.



The Botho University Industry Feedback Session

On the 27th of October 2016, Botho University, through the Department of Students & Alumni Affairs, held a successful Industry Feedback & Appreciation Meeting for its Stakeholders in various initiatives. The relevant initiatives include Sports, Culture and Talent Development, Entrepreneurship Development, Community Engagement, Career & Personal Growth Development, Academic Internships and Graduate Placement. Barclays Bank of Botswana, EOH Consulting, Career Pool Africa, SADC, Botswana Innovation Hub, and Leaf Environmentals Botswana are some of the companies that graced the event.


he purpose of the breakfast meeting was not only to catch up with Stakeholders who have been very instrumental in the realization of most of the activities in the SAAD Department, but also to inform them about other activities towards the development of Botho graduates across the University Departments, including faculties.

This opportunity was also used to source advice, opinions and experiences in working with the Botho University Graduate. The general sentiments shared by most stake holders emphasized the development of a Botho Graduate's soft skills. They expressed satisfaction with the technical skills offered by the students. Most of the stakeholders also emphasized the need to instill business ethics in our students and commended the Students & Alumni Affairs Department for taking the initiative to cultivate practical skills amongst the students.

All the represented stakeholders expressed satisfaction in the partnerships they have with Botho University and encouraged the University not to hesitate approaching them for partnerships in different endeavors. Some even went a step further by proposing activities; the MD from Leaf Environmentals mentioned her passion for "Women in Sports" Development and her willingness to spare time to do that with the University.

  • Kromberg& Schubert expressed interest in partnering for Career Profile Booster Sessions, "Interview Role Plays by Real World Employers", Learnerships and Job Shadowing Opportunities
  • EOH Consult wanted to work with the University for Learnerships& Job Shadowing Opportunities.
  • Botswana Innovation Hub wanted to be engaged in Entrepreneurship Development Initiatives.
  • Huawei proposed that Botho explore possible Technical Partnerships with Huawei Universities, such as Shenzen University, to ensure that our graduates qualify to power Mobile Network providers such as Mascom with applications.

The stake holders also encouraged the University to invest in proper monitoring and evaluation mechanisms, especially on issues of Academic Internships. They encouraged the faculties to also incorporate modules on Basics of Strategy as this was essential for millennial jobs. Botho University was also advised to refocus its strategy on not only producing employable graduates but also entrepreneurial graduates.

The highlight of the feedback was one of our students (KagisoKgasa) on Internship who displayed the very values that Botho University is trying to instill in its students (Proactive, teaching other employees that it is OK to question the status quo and impeccable technical skills).

The two hours of interaction were wrapped up with a Breakfast Networking Session.