Oscar 2.0

Botho University, proud part of Oscar 2.0 research initiative, funded by European Union.

OSCAR 2.0 project (ref. nr. 101129127) funded by ERASMUS + (Key Action 2: Capacity Building for Higher Education), a European funding programme aims to foster the effective digital transformation of education and science to develop digital infrastructure and connections, by boosting the engagement of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in implementation of Open Science principles and values. The project`s impact will be sustained through a developed integrative Open Science (OS) environment and research operational framework. As a capacity-building project aimed to develop OS communities in Sub-Saharan Africa, the project’s intended outcomes consist of developing OS infrastructure (i.e. OS platforms, Science Shops/ OS hubs), human capital (i.e. methodology, competence and knowledge-trained researchers, including the early stage researchers), efficient institutional OS policies and standards for OS.

OSCAR 2.0 consortium consists of leading institutions from Europe and Africa. Participants are University of Zambia, The University of Barotseland (Zambia), Botho University (Botswana), University of Botswana, Joseph Mwelwa Consult (Botswana), BITRI (Botswana), International School for Business and Social Studies (Slovenia), European Policy Development and Research Institute (Slovenia), Deggendorf Institute of Technology (Germany) and Stichting VU (Netherlands). The project is spanning over 3 years from 2024-2026.

Dr Ivy Rose Mathew, Pro Vice Chancellor for Academics, Dr Robert Machera, Dean for the Faculty of Business and Accounting and Ms Kelemwok Kassahun, Senior Team Leader of the Library, Teaching and Research Excellence Department travelled to Amsterdam, Netherlands as part of the OSCAR 2.0 Open Science initiative funded by the European Commission, representing Botho University.

Dr Ivy Rose Mathew, speaks of her experience on the recent trip to the Netherlands. She says “ It was an incredible opportunity to gain insights into innovative practices from Europe, Asia, and Africa on Open Science, Service Learning, Science Shops, Knowledge Equity, and many more. Special mention to the Vrije University (VU) library team for sharing their efforts to promote open science practices at VU. We also attended the Science with Society Festival, where we had the opportunity to listen to student projects and community support in solving complex societal issues. The Knowledge Equity Symposium was another highlight, where we learned about the Knowledge Equity Network.”
She further adds that “Botho University is proud to be a part of the OSCAR 2.0 project and looks forward to implementing the valuable insights gained and exploring new opportunities for growth and innovation.”