Mandatory and Voluntary Internships

Botho University places tremendous emphasis on student employability. In the quest of providing as much practical exposure to our students, they are required to undertake mandatory internships as part of their academic requirements. The internship opportunities provide tremendous exposure and valuable work experience to students who wish to differentiate themselves, enhance their employability and prepare themselves for the world of work. The Student and Alumni Affairs Department (SAAD) is responsible for coordinating all Internships. SAAD assists students with internship opportunities with employers with whom we have institutional partnerships. Botho University is now also able to offer students the opportunity to undertake their Internships virtually. We have partnered with two organizations that provide students with the opportunity to work with international employers and on real-world projects. Students may also get hired by international employers after completing such internships. The two organizations currently offering institutional virtual internships arrangements with Botho University are:

Botho University is also establishing partnerships with international organisations to provide students with the opportunity to undertake voluntary internships in addition to the mandatory Internships. In this regard from 2021, Botho University is an official member of WACE ( which offers interested and smart students to participate in a Global Challenge where teams of multicultural students from across the world participate in finding solutions for a real-world client. Botho University also offers students and graduates a chance to apply to the Diive ( Global Internships programme. We are establishing partnerships with more and more international organizations to expand the scope of voluntary internships.