Certificate Level 3 Food and Beverage Operations

Mode of Study

Campus Learning


The Certificate Level 3 in Food & Beverage Operations is targeted at those wishing to enter the hospitality and tourism sector in an operational role. The programme carefully combines theoretical and practical learning to ensure that graduates have both the knowledge and the skills to succeed in the hospitality industry in Botswana.

Students graduating from the course will have the skills to become immediately employable in the Food & Beverage industry in an entry-level operational role due to the heavy emphasis on skills development and customer service

Programme details:The programme consists of only core (required) modules as detailed below. Some modules may have pre-requisites (i.e. may require the student to pass another module or set of modules first). Some modules may be co-requisite (i.e. such modules are required to be taken together). The number at the end of the module in parenthesis indicates the credit load of the module. 1 credit is equal to 10 hours of learning (guided, in-class and independent combined); therefore a 10-credit module requires on average 100 hours of learning from the student.

Core modules:

  • B4-EE1-15: English for Employability 1 (10)
  • B4-FSO-15: Food service Operations (20)
  • B4-HPS-15: Hotel Practical – Food (20)
  • B4-ML1-15: Maths Literacy 1 (10)
  • B4-EE2-15: English for Employability 2 (10)
  • B4-KOP-15: Service Kitchen Operations (20)
  • B4-HPK-15: Hotel Practical – Kitchen (20)
  • B4-ML2-15: Maths Literacy 2 (10)

Recommended full-time study path (12 months):

Year Sem Module Credits
Year 1 Sem 1 B4-EE1-15: English for Employability 1 10
B4-FSO-15: Food service Operations 20
B4-HPS-15: Hotel Practical – Food service 20
B4-ML1-15: Maths Literacy 1 10
Sem 2 B4-EE2-15: English for Employability 2 10
B4-KOP-15: Service Kitchen Operations 20
B4-HPK-15: Hotel Practical – Kitchen 20
B4-ML2-15: Maths Literacy 2 10

Admission Criteria:

Junior Secondary school leaving certificate such as JCE or equivalent. Candidates above 20 years with at least 5 years of work experience, of which at least 2 years must be at Level 2 equivalent may be considered under mature entry criteria.