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Roll of Honour

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  • 2017  - Bradley Ncube
  • 2016  - Ellen K. Nshakazhogwe
  • 2015 - Ms. Patricia Nkwane
  • 2014 - Mr. Thatayaone Tapson Sekwenyane
  • 2013 - Ms. Kebone Molefe
  • 2012 - Mr. Derrick Khupe
  • 2011  - Ms. Lebogang Nchingane


  • 2017 - Lawrence Mxekwa
  • 2016 - Pearl Koloka
  • 2015 - Ms. Patricia Nkwane
  • 2014 - Mr. Leo Lefika Hailey

International Students

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Botho University aspires to be the regional hub of academic excellence. In this regard the University has started attracting students beyond Botswana borders from countries such as Zimbabwe, Zambia, Lesotho, Swaziland, Liberia and Namibia. International students bring uniqueness to the student community at Botho University. An international student complement allows for cross-cultural enrichment producing a truly global graduate.
At Botho University, the Student and Alumni Affairs Department (SAAD) is dedicated to international students. The Admissions department is responsible for international student enrolment providing all assistance in this regard from application to registration as a student. SAAD is responsible for the processing of study permits for international students and providing all assistance required by after they enrol and arrive to study with Botho University in Botswana.

How to apply?

Botho University warmly welcomes applicants from across the region to apply. International students can download the application form from the Botho University’s website by clicking on the following link:

Depending on the programme of study, applicants will have to meet the admission criteria as specified for each programme and any pre-requisites required for specific programmes. For information on all our porgrammes, please visit the “Programmes” tab on our website

In case the applicant’s country’s qualifications framework is not catered for in the admissions criteria, please contact the Admissions Department by clicking:

Fees Details

Fee details for all campus learning programmes are available by clicking on the following link: The general fee policy is also applicable to international students.


Botho University is committed to providing international students safe and clean and comfortable accommodation. The institution is currently able to provide accommodation to a very limited number of students on first come first serve basis. The University has taken up a residential complex comprising of two bedroom houses to cater for the accommodation requirements of those who may apply for the same.
There is 24-hour power and water supply provided. The rooms are provided on a sharing basis with other students to enable cross-cultural learning. Each room is furnished with a table, chair, cupboard and single bed. The occupant is expected to bring his or her own mattress, pillows and sheets for personal hygiene requirements. There is a kitchen, which the occupants of each house are expected to share. The kitchens are furnished with a gas stove and connection for basic cooking. There is also a 24-hour security guard to ensure that the occupants feel safe and secure at all times.


Accommodation is located is locations such that public transport in the form of minivans called ‘combis’ is easily available. The fares are nomina and in Botswana Pula (BWP) and it is a safe and reliable mode of transport. Another option is taxis which are also very popular but are a bit more expensive. Buses for travelling long distance and to remote villages are also available. The SAAD department can assist students with information on request including route maps, directions etc.

On Arrival in Botswana

On arrival in Botswana, an officer from the SAAD welcomes all international students. The department will ensure that international students settle in easily and quickly. It is the department’s responsibility that all international students feel at home and can fully concentrate on their studies.

Find out more about how you as an international student can study at Botho University, please contact our Admissions Department by clicking on the following link:



Student Representative Council (SRC)

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The Student Representative Council (SRC) is an elected body of student leaders whose day to day mandate is to represent the interests of students according to the dictates of the SRC constitution. The Botho University SRC currently has 11 Ministers headed by the SRC President deputised by the Vice President. Current ministries include: Secretary General, Admin Secretary, Minister of Public Relations, Minister of Academic Affairs, Minister of Sports,Culture and Recreation, Minister of Entertainment, Minister of Finance, Minister of Gender and Social Welfare and Minister of Justice and Infrastructure

SRC at Botho University is responsible for organising all student activities with the support of the Students Services Department - the department are divided into two - Placement, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Department (PIED) and Student Life and Outreach Department (SLOD)

The SRC at Botho University is responsible for organising all student activities with the support of the Students Services Department. In the SRC is also the Chief-Election Officer responsible for the running of all Botho University students’ elections. The SRC also, working with the Students Services Department, is responsible for coming up with the students activitiy calendar (SRC events calendar) for each year as well as the implementation programes tabled in the calendar.

Other activities which the SRC organises include Fresher's Ball, Welcome Bash and Mr. and Miss Botho University, clubs, community development activities, internal sports, Independence celebration, sponsored walks. SRC is also involved in the Staff-Students Consultative Committee (SSCC) responsible for building a working relationship between staff and students in improving the quality of education at Botho University.

For more information and for prospective partnerships reach out to: +267 3635484 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Botho university alumni Association

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The Botho University Alumni Association exists to keep graduates connected to the Institution. The Association operates under the Career Services Department and led by the Botho University Alumni Executive Committee, a volunteer organization of fellow alumni.


To introduce the Association and its mandate. To bring together all Botho University Alumni for networking and information sharing.


  • To establish Botho University Alumni Association
  • To create a platform for information sharing
  • To create links between Botho University Alumni and the institution.
  • To retain and strengthen friendship made on the campus by keeping graduates and former students in lifelong contact with each other.
  • To involve the graduates, former students and special friends in the ongoing growth and development

Stay connected with Botho University

Once you successfully complete your degree or diploma, you become a Botho University Alumni, and you are encouraged to join the Botho Universrity Alumni Association (BUAA) The association is run by an executive committee

which comprises of the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Vice Secretary, Treasurer, and four additional members. And it is managed by, Student and Alumni Affairs Department.

Update your contact details

Alumni are encouraged to update their contact details.

By doing so they will ensure that the alumni office can:

  • keep them informed about developments at the office and Botho University
  • maintain an up-to-date database
Gaborone campus Francistown Campus Lesotho Campus
Physical Address:
Botho Education Park, Kgale,
Baratani office 4
+267 363 5484.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Physical Address:
Plot 6434, Tati River Plots,
+267 244 0686.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Physical Address:
Maseru Mall, West Wing, Thetsane
+266 28310 5742.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

About the Botho University eLab

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The Botho University eLab was successfully launched in June 2016 by CEDA CEO, Mr Thabo Thamane with intentions to provide a space where students across the curricular spectrum will come together to share ideas, access resources, and come up with innovative approaches to problem solving. The launch was graced by stakeholders from the industry including banks, the government, and business owners.

The Entrepreneurship Lab was established with the following in mind:

  • To encourage students and alumni to develop ideas into innovative solutions that can in the short or long run be turned into entrepreneurial ventures. This is as a result of a growing demand from the community of student-entrepreneurs to create a space to collaborate and turn their bursts of genius into something tangible. The eLab is an initiative that meant to assist the Botho University students, the alumni to identify practical applications to current issues, problems, and needs.
  • To identify, mentor, incubate, connect and support outstanding student/alumni-entrepreneurs and facilitate their success beyond Botho University, into the community

The eLab was established with intentions of offering the following 5 major activities:

  • Incubation: (Experiential Training)
  • Secretarial Services
  • Expert Coaching/Trainings/Workshops
  • Office Space
  • Business Consultancy

Fast forward to January 2017

The eLab hosts 4 teams of students with 5 outstanding ideas and were chosen after a careful selection process by seasoned business people and experts from the industry:

  • Rose Tatedi ( Symphony Health)
  • Benjamin Raletsatsi (Samsung RetailStores)
  • Callistus Phologolo ( Cally Clothing)
  • Otto Von Rudloff (DAI)
  • Lynda Kgasoane (DAI)

Four (4) Teams that were selected after a Pitching Session held on the day of the Launch include the following students:

  • Neo Lefela (3rd Year Student)
  • Edmore Jackson (Botho University Alumnus)
  • Baalora Onkarabile & Maikano Rabakwena (2nd Year Students)
  • Leandra Bowden, Bakang Madisa, Bakang Legodi and Daniel Ncube (1st Year Students)

The eLab has since July hosted the following activities d:

  • Idea Generation & Refinement Workshop supported by EOH Consulting
  • Elevator Pitching Workshop facilitated by Yame Nkgowe of Seriti UAS Data & Intergration
  • Introduction to the Business Model Canvas with Dennis Maswabi of Enterprise Botswana
  • Training on Importance of Markert Research for Start Ups with Kabelo Binns of Hotwire PRC
  • Training on Company Registration & Intellectual Property by CIPA
  • Entrepreneurship Activation Session with Percy Raditladi: Topic: Rewards of Perseverance in the Entrepreneurship Journey
  • 3 Day Entrepreneurship BootCamp in partnership with Udugu Institute & other supporting Stakeholders
  • Public Lecture on Innovation & Social Entrepreneurship with Kojo Parris

In addition to this, the eLab Resident Entrepreneurs have had “one on one” sessions with Mr Percy Raditladi, Thabo Monthe (Owner of the Braii Place) and Kabelo Binns (Hotwire PRC) to get insights of establishing start-ups and seeing them to maturity.

The eLab team comes back fresh and reinvigorated and is looking forward to so much growth in 2017. Botho University plans to establish and nurture fruitful partnerships for the growth of the initiative. We also look forward to more enriching trainings, and reaching out to the community to impart Entrepreneurship Development awareness. In order for the eLab to have a bold print and wider impact on communities across the country, more industry should come on board to partner with University with a view to assist with skills transfer to trainees and sprouting small and medium industries country wide. We are confident that the Public and the relevant Stakeholders will support us in this initiative.

For more information and for prospective partnerships reach out to:

  • +267 3635484 or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Academic Calendar

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*These dates are estimated as they are dependent on external organisation's examination and results release dates and thus are subject to change without notice.
**Some holidays are dependent on nationally declared public holidays and thus are subject to change without notice.

Rules and Regulations

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Students are advised to familiarize themselves with the rules, regulations and policies of Botho University through the University website and any other information provided to student either as a document or through the notice boards on campus. Botho University reserves the right to amend the rules, regulations and policies. It is the responsibility of the student to update oneself with the related documents. Students must note that ignorance of these very important policies and rules and regulations is not an acceptable excuse for non-compliance.

The rules, regulations and policies are applicable to all students of Botho University regardless of their programme of study. Students may find additional information specific to their programme of study on the websites of the awarding bodies relevant to their programme. In the case of any conflict between the various rules, regulations and policies of the University and the awarding body the Academic Board shall decide on the correct applicable policy.

All students will need to abide by the Botho University rules, regulations and policies and also by the rules and regulations for each programme as stipulated by the awarding institution.

Botho University Student Rules & RegulationsDownload View

Please download the Botho University Student Rules & Regulations


General Admissions Information

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1. Applying to Botho University

Before applying to Botho University, students are encouraged to take time out to familiarise themselves with all the programmes on offer. Applicants must meet all the relevant minimum requirements for the programme of study they wish to study. It is also important for applicants to assess whether the programme they choose interests them and that they want to make a career out of it. Our friendly Admission Team Counselors will provide all the information needed about our programmes and also assist applicants to make an informed choice.

2. How to calculate points

The admission point system is used to measure your academic achievement based on your school-leaving results. Your school leaving subject grades or percentages are converted into points as per the table (see page 24) and based on your qualification. These points are added up to arrive at the number of points you have obtained.

12 A                   7  
11 B                   6  
10 C a   1       7 A   5 7
9 D b   2       6 B   4 6
8 E c A 3 A*,A A*,A A*,A 5 C A 3 5
7   d B   B B B 4 D B 2 4
6 0/S e C 4 C C C 3 E C   3
5     D   D D D 2   D   2
4     E   E E E     E    
0         F F       F    

3. Important points to remember when applying

  • All students can apply in person or using our online application form available on our website. Please read the “Steps to Apply” document available on our application portal before applying.
  • Clear certified copies of all relevant educational certificates.
  • Clear certified copies of Omang/passport/identity card.
  • Please read our Fee Structure and Policy document available on our website before applying.