BGP Star of volume 13

Keneilwe Mohutsiwa

 Q.Tell us about yourself

 A. My name is Keneilwe Mohutsiwa. I am a final year student in Botho, studying software and also a part-time poet.


Q. Where are you from?

A. Kanye- southern district


Q. Describe yourself in one word

A. Creative

Q. You have created a mobile phone application could you tell us about it.

A. Maele  le diane is the name of the application. This application contains around 127 diane (Setswana proverbs) and 98 maele (Setswana sayings). What happens is that when you open the application it gives you a link to either maele or diane then you choose the one you want to see. After clicking your choice the next page will display a list of the first 10. Then you click on your preferred diane or maele to get the meaning.


Q. Wow that sounds wonderful, what really inspired you to do this app?

A. I am a poet, so sometimes I come across a proverb that I do not understand. The thing you cannot use it if you don’t know what it means. I had to refer to books most often and I found it to be time consuming. So I figured it would be handy if I had my proverbs and sayings on my phone.


Q. Where can one find this application?

A. The application is available in all nokia stores, and pretty soon it will be available also in blackberries. Check the link also in http//


Q. After coding this application, testing it and getting it to work, how did it make you feel?

A. I was so happy Patricia and the most exciting part was when I realised that most people were thrilled by what i did.


Q. What challenges did you face in the process?

A. the most challenging part was when I had to work on adjusting the application to fit the small screen. The way apps display on PC is not the same as on the phone, so I spent a lot of time trying to make it fit and at the end I did succeed.


Q. Any plans for the future?

A. I am currently working on some new applications. Stay in expectation.


Q. There are certainly some students out there who are going to get inspired by what you did, what is your word of advice to them?

 A. Follow your dreams and focus on what you want to do. Do not shun the opportunity to use what you have learnt here at Botho University whatever your field of interest. One other thing is, let us use the available technology to embrace our culture.