Campus Vue ERP System is launched

Botho University has always believed in the use of technology to improve the quality of education and other services to students and stakeholders and that is why on the 23rd January 2013, the new Campus Vue ERP system was launched. In his opening remarks, Mr. Ananth Ram, Pro-Vice Chancellor and Director – Education and Quality Assurance said the ERP is a system that integrates all Botho University operations effectively across departments and campuses to ensure that data is up to date, that services are smooth and that decision-making is based on real-time information. Further on, he said the ERP comes with a lot advantages as now:

The student can log into their student portal where they can see what modules are on offer, who is teaching them and when they are running. They can register directly online. They can then study the timetable online and see all of their class material on the web and on their mobile devices. The student can apply for housing and can be allocated accommodation based on availability as seen on the system.

The student can post their CV and employers can also post job opportunities online. Students can apply directly through the system and then attend interviews on campus for jobs that they qualify for - all managed by the system. Staff appraisals, leave applications etc, now happen online so that data is shared in real time with no papers or e-mails flying around.