Career Services Corner

The department held 3 workshops during the month of February. The workshops were geared towards developing the students with knowledge and skills that are not offered in the classroom. The emphasis of these workshops was to give students as much exposure as possible, by imparting life and career knowledge. The workshop also allowed the students to interact with stakeholders in the global market, and get first hand information on what the market expects from them, as well as sharing the life skills they need to transition from school to corporate life.

The first workshop was the Harrison Assessments Talk Show. Harrison Assessment is an online assessment tool used by industry worldwide to assist with a variety of human resource issues and challenges. In this workshop students interacted with a specialist whose background is on career choices and personal development. He taught the students how to make the right choices and how to align their field of study to the jobs or services that they are passionate about. This has proved to result in effective job performances as well as little work related stress. The assessment also availed a platform in which students can take online tests that will highlight their possible career traits.

The second workshop was on “The importance of getting IT certified”. Students were sensitised and advised, to get certifications in addition to their basic degrees and diplomas as certification advances one’s degree or diploma and presents prospective employers with one’s specialised skill. They were given a vast exposure on the certifications that the global market is advocating for. Certifications like ICDL, ORACLE, CISCO and MICROSOFT were picked among others and cited as scarce in the market, so students were advised on the possible areas where they can get certified.

The Community Support Workshop was the third workshop to be held in the month of February. In this workshop, students were informed of benefits of volunteering or even showing compassion towards others. They were also informed that benefits of volunteering are vital for one’s career as community support is one of the aspects that employers look out for in their resumes. Furthermore, volunteering and compassion, helps one develop personally as well as have peace with oneself and therefore lead to high self-concept and esteem. Some of the NGOs that embraced the workshop are: Young Leaders Organisation, Botho Compassion Movement, Masiela Trust Fund, Humana People to People, Botswana Student Network, BOSASNEt, Masedi a Botswana and Wena Environmental and News Trust. In closing, the workshop NGOs invited students to join them as volunteers and members.

All the three workshops mentioned were geared towards improving students resumes and passion, as well as moulding each student into a well-rounded candidate, which Botho University prides itself on. These workshops are vital for students whether they just wanted some helpful information on career choice, or they just wanted to have fun and develop new ideas. The job market is overloaded with job-hunting graduates, so an opportunity to attend these kind of workshops can help one learn new skills, reach out to the community, advance one`s career and even make friends.