Botho University Stands Out At Tertiary Education Fair 2015

The Tertiary Education Fair, first introduced by the Tertiary Education Council (TEC) and its partners in 2010 to bring together prospective tertiary education students and the various institutions with a presence in Botswana, was held once again on the 25th to 28th of March 2015 and Botho University (BU) was on hand to seize the opportunity.

Botho University takes pride in exhibiting at the TE Fair as it is a way of showcasing the strides that the university has taken between exhibitions and this year the institution's stall was without question the most eye-catching.

A space of 9 stalls was combined to create an open courtyard setting where prospective students could ask questions and even register on the spot. The most memorable feature was the spherical theme with spherical structures bearing the BU branding hanging from above the area. There were 19 creatively designed distinct panels decorating the space from the inside and out, each promoting different aspects of the institution, including the different faculties and clubs. Botho University earned position 2 amongst private university stalls.

The stall was a beehive of activity throughout the fair as scores of young excited would-be scholars scrambled to ask questions, with many registering on the spot. Applications to the university were made easy using online application systems to register students to the university from the fair venue and a tablet PC was given away through a raffle for students who had applied to BU during the fair and answered a few questions about the institution.