Gaborone campus hosts its annual fair

The Student and Alumni Affairs Department at the Gaborone campus held its annual career fair for students and alumni on the 18th of August, 2016, under the theme 'Building Linkages to Break Barriers to Entrepreneurship'. At a time when the unemployment of graduates has turned into a global concern, the 2016 Career Fair aimed to empower both the current students and graduates and educate them about starting and operating a business. Entrepreneurship is seen as the answer to employment creation. The event, which was well attended by youth ready to learn the ins and outs of starting and operating a business, provided an opportunity to interact and learn about career prospects, and also learn more about entrepreneurship. The companies that attended the fair included some of the youth citizen-owned companies such as Vantage Properties, Bula Buka and Bee Sure Insurance.

The keynote speaker for the event, Vice President of the Women in Business Association (WIBA) Mrs. Nametso Ntsosa-Carr, had the audience eating out of her hand as she let them in on her life story, from her humble beginnings as an employee to eventually realising that she was cut out for the business world. She encouraged the youth, especially ladies, to go into business and make hay while the sun shines by taking advantage of different government initiatives aimed at citizen economic empowerment. She urged them to see entrepreneurship as a fulltime commitment rather than something that should be done on the side, as doing it part time reduces the chances of success.

A Botho University alumnus, Mr. Nthusang Tayopa, was brought in as a motivator, to give testimony that he was able to beat the odds and start a successful construction company. He therefore implored the attendees to take serious stock of their lives and go into the business world and take chances while they still can. Ms. Mildred Rutang, the young woman at the helm of Nicopolis Apartments who got her start-up capital from CEDA, was given a chance to impart her knowledge and the experiences she faces as a woman in the business world. She urged all not to give up on their dreams and to use the opportunities available to them.

In closing, the Dean of Office of Students, Research and Outreach, Dr. Bathsheba Mbongwe, thanked those who came forward to impart knowledge to students and the university's alumni. She urged the attendees to make use of platforms such as the career fair to ask relevant questions to help them on their journey of starting businesses. Other activities of the day included parallel presentations from the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture on the initiatives they have available for the youth and First National Bank on their graduate program and what it entails.