The Botho University Industry Feedback Session

On the 27th of October 2016, Botho University, through the Department of Students & Alumni Affairs, held a successful Industry Feedback & Appreciation Meeting for its Stakeholders in various initiatives. The relevant initiatives include Sports, Culture and Talent Development, Entrepreneurship Development, Community Engagement, Career & Personal Growth Development, Academic Internships and Graduate Placement. Barclays Bank of Botswana, EOH Consulting, Career Pool Africa, SADC, Botswana Innovation Hub, and Leaf Environmentals Botswana are some of the companies that graced the event.


he purpose of the breakfast meeting was not only to catch up with Stakeholders who have been very instrumental in the realization of most of the activities in the SAAD Department, but also to inform them about other activities towards the development of Botho graduates across the University Departments, including faculties.

This opportunity was also used to source advice, opinions and experiences in working with the Botho University Graduate. The general sentiments shared by most stake holders emphasized the development of a Botho Graduate's soft skills. They expressed satisfaction with the technical skills offered by the students. Most of the stakeholders also emphasized the need to instill business ethics in our students and commended the Students & Alumni Affairs Department for taking the initiative to cultivate practical skills amongst the students.

All the represented stakeholders expressed satisfaction in the partnerships they have with Botho University and encouraged the University not to hesitate approaching them for partnerships in different endeavors. Some even went a step further by proposing activities; the MD from Leaf Environmentals mentioned her passion for "Women in Sports" Development and her willingness to spare time to do that with the University.

  • Kromberg& Schubert expressed interest in partnering for Career Profile Booster Sessions, "Interview Role Plays by Real World Employers", Learnerships and Job Shadowing Opportunities
  • EOH Consult wanted to work with the University for Learnerships& Job Shadowing Opportunities.
  • Botswana Innovation Hub wanted to be engaged in Entrepreneurship Development Initiatives.
  • Huawei proposed that Botho explore possible Technical Partnerships with Huawei Universities, such as Shenzen University, to ensure that our graduates qualify to power Mobile Network providers such as Mascom with applications.

The stake holders also encouraged the University to invest in proper monitoring and evaluation mechanisms, especially on issues of Academic Internships. They encouraged the faculties to also incorporate modules on Basics of Strategy as this was essential for millennial jobs. Botho University was also advised to refocus its strategy on not only producing employable graduates but also entrepreneurial graduates.

The highlight of the feedback was one of our students (KagisoKgasa) on Internship who displayed the very values that Botho University is trying to instill in its students (Proactive, teaching other employees that it is OK to question the status quo and impeccable technical skills).

The two hours of interaction were wrapped up with a Breakfast Networking Session.