Francistown Campus Hosts Cultural Diversity Day

The 2016 Cultural Day was eagerly awaited with great joy and high expectations. After much effort and preparation, our students reveled in the opportunity to celebrate their cultural identities.

On the 7th of October 2016 Botho University held its annual Cultural Day, a fitting celebration at the end of the Botswana 50th Anniversary Independence Celebration. The event involved students and staff coming together to share food and performances from many of the ethnic groups which make up the Botho University community. The event was hosted by the Department of Student Affairs & Alumni in collaboration with the Student Representative Council (SRC) under the theme ‘Ngwao Yame Boipelo Jwame’, loosely translated “My Culture, My Pride”. The main objective of the event was to appreciate and celebrate the diverse cultures in Botho University. Activities at the event included food tasting, displays of cultural attire, music, dance and art.

The activities started in the morning with participants displaying their dishes and giving out the recipes. There was a variety of indigenous cuisine prepared by staff members and students .The event attendees also had the opportunity to taste the food. It was a memorable event that attracted a large number of both staff members and students.

In the end prizes were awarded for best dressed persons for both staff and students. The event was graced by the General Manager of Ebat Group of Companies, who was the lead organizer of the annual Northern Letlhafula festival.