CTD Breakfast Event: Maseru, Lesotho

On the 10th of February 2017, the Lesotho Corporate Training Department was launched at a successful breakfast event in Maseru. The event, held at Avani Maseru, attracted over 50 guests from the public and the private sector.

Assistant Dean for Lesotho, Mr. Abhishek Ranjan, took guests through the Botho University journey, from its humble beginnings 20 years ago to its present position as the leading ISO 9001 certified tertiary institution, emphasizing the university’s commitment to providing quality tertiary education. Mr. Billy Batlegang, the Corporate Training Manager, informed guests that the Corporate Training Department has over 200 short courses accredited by the Botswana Qualifications Authority and the Council on Higher Education in Lesotho. Mr. Batlegang explained that these innovative short courses aim to equip employees with the tools and skills needed to enhance their performance. The benefits of training with Botho University’s Corporate Training Department were highlighted, such as the flexibility of delivery methods and customization of courses to meet each individual’s needs.

Mr. Stephen Monyamane Jr. from the Lesotho Chamber of Commerce gave a motivational talk on professional development and stressed the importance of skill enhancement as a means for professionals to stay relevant in their respective careers. He cited examples of the alarming speed at which technology is moving and the need for professionals to keep up with the latest developments by continually upgrading their knowledge. For his part, Mr. Letsatsi Sepiriti from the Lesotho Revenue Authority indicated that manpower development is vital so people can adapt in this ever-changing environment. He encouraged companies to train their employees, as both employees and employers will benefit. Employees enhance their skills and knowledge while companies benefit  from tax incentives as outlined by the income tax law section 39 (1), which states that a taxpayer carrying business in Lesotho is allowed to claim 125% of expenditure of training or tertiary education as a tax deductible expense. This means employers who train their staff end up paying lower taxes.

The event concluded with a hearty breakfast where Botho University staff interacted with guests. Since the event, a number of quotations have been sent to companies who expressed interest in training with Botho University. The event was widely covered in Lesotho’s media, such as the Informative Newspaper and the national public broadcaster, Lesotho Television.