Gakgatla primary school library donations

Gakgatla Primary School’s 4x4m storeroom, once piled with unused books and furniture, transformed into a vibrant, colourful library on the 13th September 2017.

A team of five staff members and five Library Ambassadors worked together to create a place for teachers and learners to use in addition to the classroom. This was a continuation of the ongoing library activities to commemorate Botho University’s 20th anniversary. The activities aim at enhancing library spaces and contributing to curricula.

The team sorted the available books, separating, labelling and arranging them according to subject areas. New carpets were laid down over the untiled floor and four ottomans were placed in selected positions around the room.

In the afternoon, a donation ceremony was held to officially open the revamped library and hand over learning materials. In attendance were two police officers, the nurse and, representing village authorities, VDC chairperson Kgosi Rabby Moshapa. Staff and pupils under the leadership of School Head and PTA Chairperson, Mr. Barwabatsile, were also among the attendees. The community was amazed by how the library had changed into a warm welcoming environment in such a short time. Kgosi Moshapa remarked that Botho University is bringing essential developments to Gakgatla village, citing the June 2017 service day.

When handing over two sets of revision textbooks and educational games to Mr. Barwabatsile, activity leader Ms. Kate Nkoko requested that they be used well by both teachers and pupils to improve performance. She told those who came to witness Botho University’s efforts that it is time for Africa to discredit the saying “If you want to hide something from a black person, put it in a book”. Parents and teachers should encourage children to read storybooks to develop love for reading. Everyone must have a place and something to read, she said.